Blood On The Dance Floor… A Look At Dahvie Vanity ._.


How do I start this out? I don’t fucking know. Guess I’ll just dive into this the only way my fried, college student brain can.

Blood On The Dance Floor isn’t what I want to talk about… well… sort of. Technically what I want to talk about is Dahvie Vanity. So for the sake of everything, we’re going to leave Jayy Von Monroe out of the picture because I have nothing against him.

I’m going to tell you random tidbits about myself. I have no shame and I will admit things. Like the things that I am about to tell you. I listened to their music. I have seen them live. I waited in line to meet Dahvie Vanity. So please… don’t tell me I’m just some hater that’s bashing Dahvie. Understand that I didn’t always feel this way. Next thing… I don’t wear much makeup… like… at all. Ever. You’ll see why this fact is relevant in a bit. Anyway, I’m going into psychology. That’s what I plan on majoring in. Now let me tell you something… it doesn’t take a degree to spot a narcissist or a hypocrite. Surely you know that and hopefully after reading you’ll realize it too. As for the other possible “defects” Dahvie Vanity may have… I’m not looking at those. I’m just looking at the narcissism and hypocrisy.

And now I shall tell you a small story before diving into everything. Last year I had a small incident because of a stupid comment I made. I had to delete the comment because I was sick and tired of the notifications. These notifications were all from random twats giving me shit over said comment. I’d say I’m sorry for it, but for what? I wasn’t. I’m still not sorry. It was a random fact of life.

The comment I made was neutral (this is where me not wearing makeup becomes relevant). All it said was “More makeup than I will ever wear. ._.” This comment was in response to a selfie that Dahvie Vanity had posted. But seriously guys… that man wears more makeup than the average teenage girl does and you know it. It didn’t help that my comment became one of the top comments. That basically left me screwed, right? Everyone was going to see it and quite frankly they were seeing it… until I deleted it.

But let’s put all that aside and talk about what is really getting under my skin. Isn’t Dahvie taking this anti-bullying stance? That is what he preaches… right? All this PLUR nonsense, you guys know what I’m talking about, right? Of course you do. What does PLUR even stand for you Slash Gash Terror Crew members? P-Peace. L-Love. U-Unity. R-Respect. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but let’s be realistic. When the fuck does Dahvie even come close to being like that?

Every now and again Dahvie posts a picture giving someone the finger. Let’s safely assume it’s for the haters or well… just because. All the fans go goo-goo eyed and basically bow down while the haters make a comment and you know it… get bashed for it (in my case, a casual listener with a neutral comment). I’m not saying Dahvie is the one wailing on this random commenter, I mean hater, but those fans of his are some nasty attackers. Fans that boast the PLUR set of mind… are bashing people wishing them to go drink bleach, eat shit, go die, and to obviously get off the page. You name it. These twats are brutal.

Dear god. Just calm those tits. I mean… it’s obvious you’re going to defend what you love. It’s fine. I get it. But has anyone else noticed that BOTDF fans are some of the most hostile fans out there? Shit… I don’t think the debates I’ve seen with Escape The Fate and Falling In Reverse were that bad (and those could get pretty nasty if you were looking in the right places). Then, as if adding fuel to the flame, Dahvie himself replies to his haters with open-ended posts on the page basically saying the same thing or posting a picture like the one I mentioned above.

Just don’t humor them Dahvie. I mean fuck… is it that hard? You don’t see other bands saying fuck you to their haters on a daily basis (I’ll even say weekly, monthly even just to give you the benefit of the doubt).

Get off this anti-bullying stance of yours. It’s fake. It’s false. And you yourself… are a bully. So stop. Let someone else advocate anti-bullying because you sure as hell aren’t the right person for the job.

Bullet For My Valentine


A few weeks ago I was sitting with my mom and we were talking about the custom engraved guitar pick necklace I have. The engravings on the guitar pick are a Bullet For My Valentine logo and the words “Things happen but we don’t really know why” on the back of the pick. Those are the lyrics from the song All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me), one of my personal all-time favorites from the band.

Anyway, during this conversation she noted something that I didn’t quite realize before. I never quite noticed the little things until she pointed out one small little detail. My very first band shirt… ever… was a Bullet for My Valentine shirt. The only band whose full length albums (usually deluxe editions) were actually purchased and not downloaded off the net. They are the band I always cried/cry over when I couldn’t/can’t see them live. When I finally did get to see them live… they were a part of the lineup for my first concert and one of the main reasons I even went to that particular show.

I’m going to take a guess here and assume that all that seems insignificant to most, right? That’s what I thought too, but then I thought about it some more. Well… remember that shirt I brought up? I got that shirt in the late 8th grade/early 9th grade. To this day that shirt is still being worn. I’m in my second year of college, the shirt is cut up and has a hole or two, but I refuse to throw it away. All those years and it’s still here. Still being worn. And as for those albums… I would do everything I possibly could to get those albums. Even if I did download the album online, I would still go down to a store just to purchase a physical copy of the album. As for the concerts… well… most people whine over not being able to see their favorite band live. So that… is kind of normal and expected. After a while of talking, we got to the conversation starter, the necklace. Like I previously mentioned it has lyrics from All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) and a Bullet For My Valentine logo and was in fact a customized engraving.

The final conclusion here was that some of these things may be seen as small and insignificant, but they were done whilst being completely aware of other options. What I mean to say is, I could have easily picked a different shirt, I could easily buy the discography for any other band, I could obviously cry over a different concert, I could have requested a different guitar pick, but I didn’t. I unconsciously always pick them. They were/are always one of my top picks, if not the first. Ask me my favorite bands, Bullet For My Valentine will be one of the first ones listed.

Life of the Average College Student… Or At Least Mine

Ok… ok… breathing exercises. Don’t forget to breathe darn you. You can’t give up yet!!! D:<

Well… you can’t anyway. I’ll just sit here or curl up on the floor and cry. I have no words to say. At least, not with a brain this fried. So… all I can really do is type angry, random letters whilst on the verge of tears as I sit here and slowly watch strands of hair fall from my head due to stress. Q~Q

The semester is coming to a close and the average college student probably is about ready to let their brain turn to mush… or maybe their brains are already slowly turning to mush. Maybe not at an alarmingly fast rate, but mushiness is to come nonetheless. e.o

But no. Finals. I still have finals. You still have finals. We can’t die just yet. On the bright side… I can’t think of one. Never mind. Forget I said anything about a bright side. Death is knocking at my bedroom door and the books are scattered all around along with my laptop which always sits in front of me. Always on, looking up random shit I need to know or just on Facebook, YouTube, Tagged, Skype, tumblr, etc. My life, in a nutshell. I don’t have one. Q~Q

We’re all gonna die.

A Comment

In all honesty… I just wanted you guys to see this. Just in case you didn’t see the post on your page. I love you guys to bits, but with fans like these, I’m afraid to say anything, yet again I’m sure I’m not the only one. Anyway, that’s why this all came an entire month later, when the replies to my comment finally subsided.
About a month ago a picture of Dahvie Vanity was posted. I made a comment, a comment that was meant to be neutral. “More makeup than I will ever wear.” I completely understand that people will say things, I really do, but a neutral comment got blown out of proportion (as shown above). Right now, I’d like to clarify a few things. That comment was not an attack towards Dahvie. It was just a statement. Compared to the actual attacks at the band, that comment was nothing. Anyway, I’m not doing this for attention. I’m not doing it because I want to start a riot on Facebook. I’m saying it because I personally think it needs to be said and something is to be said about this whole incident. Point one: Not once did I say I hated Blood On The Dance Floor or Dahvie. If you must know, I stated that Dahvie was pretty chill and that I liked him. I stated that a couple of times actually, just different wording. Point two: When did religion get dragged into this? I mean really, come on now. And people wonder why religion is such a touchy subject. Point three: Somewhere along all this I mentioned meeting Dahvie after a show. It was an amazing show and I had a lot of fun. So yes, clearly I like their music too. Anyway… back to my point. If I “hated” them as much as the masses assumed, why in the world would I have gone to one of their shows? If I “hated” Dahvie as much as the masses assumed, why in the world did I stick around after the show just to meet him? I don’t hate Dahvie Vanity. I don’t hate Jayy Von Monroe. I don’t hate Blood On The Dance Floor. I don’t hate anything about them. Stop assuming everyone hates them because of a few bad comments. It was a neutral comment that everyone blew out of proportion. I mean fuck. I’m sorry I don’t wear makeup all the time, thus making my comment true. I’m sorry I posted something at all, thus enraging the masses. I’m sorry Dahvie Vanity for… I’m not really sure what. But whatever it is I did wrong, according to the masses, I am sorry for it Dahvie.